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The mobile version of MFPS 2.0 kit but is re-designed and optimized specifically for mobile platforms. This package includes the Mobile Control addon and all the functionalities from the normal MFPS package.

– There’re no differences with respect to the normal MFPS 2.0 kit in functionalities or content, is all the same, but this package has been graphically optimized for mobile and setup the Project Settings and MFPS settings for the best performance in mobile platforms and with the mobile control integrated, this mobile-ready version of MFPS is perfect if your main target is released your game on mobile platforms like iOS or Android.

Check the demo build with this package:

Android Demo

Android Demo

– All that has been done and included in this package can be manually done with the normal MFPS package. This package serves to do the heavy lifting for you. Saving you time and money in the development of your game.
This package uses the latest version of MFPS 2.0 available and will be updated along with new updates of the regular MFPS 2.0 package.

If you own MFPS or Mobile Control addon contact us directly to adjust the price of this package accordingly to your case.

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