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Class Customization allows the player to customize their weapons load-outs (primary, secondary, Knife, and grenade) for each player class in-game using a dedicated menu,
the custom loadout of each class will be stored locally or in the database if ULogin Pro is used, and loaded when the player enters in-game again, with a nice UI interface, you can reskin/customize it as you place without problems, you also can set up which weapons will be available for each player class.

Optionally if you are using Shop addon you can block some weapons until they are purchased, same with Level Manager you can block weapons by level in order for to players be required to reach a certain level to unlock it or purchase it to unlock early.


4 reviews for Class Customization

  1. Fumeblast (verified owner)


  2. LynxBro (verified owner)

    Good add-on and pretty easy to integrate like all the other add-ons i have purchased so far. This template with it’s add-ons is god mode.

  3. naimish (verified owner)

    Amazing addon

  4. Allayarov Marat (verified owner)


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