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Game Resume Pro is a more featured, richer, and advance “Game Resume” screen than the default one included in MFPS.

Visually superior with animated transitions more game statistics and a level progress sequence that can improve the look of your game; the integration is a one-click process, the menu is fully customizable and scalable.


Level progress sequence:

Showed with a procedural good-looking animation, the XP/score gained in the match, and the progress of the player level.

Level Unlocks:

Show the items unlocked with the score gained in the match.

More Statistics:

Show more statistics than the default MFPS game resume menu like shots fired, headshot count, accuracy, score per minute, etc…

Final player scoreboard.
Smooth transitions.
Modular windows.
Show “Adopted” player.
One-click integration.

This addon requires Level Manager addon to work correctly.

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