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This addon integrates car/4-wheels multiplayer vehicle controller into MFPS, allowing you to add this type of vehicle in your game maps to allow players to enter/exit these vehicles in-game, drive them around on the map with other players as passengers that also can shoot from inside of the car making the game much more exciting and engaging.

The integration is a 2-clicks process; you can add as many cars as you want and as many passenger seats per vehicle as you desire. It is easy to add new vehicle models and fully customizable properties.


■ Complete car/4-wheels vehicle controller.
■ 2-Clicks integration.
■ Multiplayer integration.
■ Enter and Exit as Driver or Passenger.
■ Vehicle Health.
■ Vehicle respawn.
■ Vehicle collision damage.
■ Passengers can shoot from the inside of the vehicle.
■ Easy to add new vehicle models.
■ Add as many passenger seats as required.
■ Build-in documentation.

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