We are an innovative and passionate indie game development studio nestled in the heart of El Salvador. Our specialty lies in crafting captivating games and development tools, not only for our own portfolio but also as a freelance service tailored to our clients’ needs.

With over seven years of hands-on experience under our belts, we’re seasoned experts in wielding the powerful Unity 3D game engine to craft both immersive mobile and high-end games.

But more than anything, we’re gamers at heart. We understand the thrill of gameplay and strive to imbue each of our projects with that same level of excitement.

Empowering Dreams: Crafting Games and Accelerating Success!


Resources for Success

Our Unity Asset Store offerings, MFPS addons, Custom Mods, and GitHub repositories streamline game development, propelling fellow creators to swiftly and efficiently complete their projects!


Building and Sharing

We’re not just game creators — we’re collaborators too. We breathe life into our own gaming visions and join forces with other studios to enrich their projects. Drawing from our wealth of experience, we develop and share practical tools and templates, accelerating the game development journey for creators everywhere.


Passionate Freelance Engagements

Beyond our studio work, we offer our skills and expertise to clients who seek our support in refining their projects, making custom modifications, or need general assistance. We consider this not just work, but an opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to the broader gaming community.

Fostering Innovation: Over 19500 Developers and Studios Worldwide Leverage Our Assets in Their Projects!


We understand that bugs, technical issues, or queries about our assets can pose challenges. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing robust support to tackle these concerns, assisting you in navigating smoothly through your game development journey. Your progress matters to us, and we’re always ready to help.

Join our community

Join the Family, Reap the Benefits: Be a part of our vibrant community and benefit from the collective wisdom of experienced users and our dedicated team. Our assets are in a state of perpetual improvement, with new features being added continually. With each asset purchase, you unlock lifetime access to all future versions at no additional cost. Your one-time investment grants you endless updates and enhancements.

Freelance Works

Personalized Assistance at Your Service: If you’re in need of one-on-one consultation, require assistance with modifying a Lovatto Studio asset, or seek freelance expertise, we’re here to help. Reach out to us with your specific needs and let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life.

Our experienced.

Explore Our Portfolio: Showcasing Projects Enhanced by Our Core Assets and Expert Consultation.

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  • Relax Sounds was my first attempt at creating a mobile app u...

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