MFPS 2.0

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MFPS 2.0

MFPS 2.0 is an advance multiplayer first-person game kit to start developing your own online fps game, this kit includes all the basics and some advanced systems that all multiplayer shooter require, this game kit is very polished, using last Unity technologies with high efficiency and performance, great and professional UI using UGUI, player Mecanim animations, you have a lot of options to customize to your taste and needed, using Photon Unity Networking as network solutions, you have 3 different game modes in the core of the kit: Free for All, Team Death Match and Capture the Flag also have 4 player classes that you can modify to your taste, 6 different kinds of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade and Knife, AAA graphic options, easily customizable, full C#, is much more made this kit one of the best for online fps development in the world.


  • is you want a high and professional multiplayer fps template for start to develop your game with a huge basis and advance features for a cheap price, this is your best option, also with a lot of features that the core kit comes there also are a lot of addons for integrating and create a next-gen multiplayer FPS, there are other kits around but any of these compare with MFPS, some focused only on the fps systems but not multiplayer or bad multiplayer implementation with a great performance cost, and the multiplayer focus kit has just a few basic features with bad gameplay and UI what made you start with a 25% – 30%, with MFPS you start with a %80 ready AAA game.


Feature List:

  • 3 game modes: Team Deathmatch, Free For All, Capture of Flag.

  • Voice team chat.

  • Multiplayer Shooter AI Players

  • Player team system

  • Private and Public match

  • Player Class, 4 kinds of players Class with different characteristics (Assault, Engineer, Support, Recon)

  • 8 different kinds of weapons: Rifle, Sniper, Shotgun, Pistol, Grenade, Molotov, Grenade Launcher and Knife

  • Advanced weapon system

  • Damage Indicator.

  • Friend List.

  • Kick Vote System.

  • Start Countdown.

  • Photon Offline Support.

  • Lobby chat

  • Slide, Jump, Crouch Player Movement.

  • Team selection and Auto-Team selection

  • Fire types (Auto, Single and Semi-Automatic)

  • precise synchronization of bullets and positions

  • Pre-Game Lobby (Waiting Room)

  • Fall Damage.

  • Player room kick

  • Server statistics, total players, total rooms, ping

  • Health regeneration option

  •  KillFeed Corner (WhoKilledWho)

  • Score board

  • Room time limit

  • Head shot detection.

  • Foot IK Placement.

  • Bullet trail option.

  • Max Kill room limit

  • weapon Fov option in play time

  • Max allowed player ping to join in a room

  • Draw Name Above Head.

  • Player footstep.

  • Graphic menu settings

  • Multiplayer in room chat

  • Smooth weapon Movements when is running

  • Weapon pick up system over network

  • Throw gun after death

  • Waiting for players to start.

  • Ammo and medic kit throwing

  • Kill Camera

  • Team Mate health bar UI.

  • UGUI Crosshair

  • Animated Hit marker

  • Spawn hand effect indicator

  • Network Stats

  • Friendly fire options

  • Switch team in mid room

  • AAA Graphic

  • Graphic menu settings

  • High performance

  • Full C# clean code

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