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This package integrates 16 weapons from the asset store pack Animated Hands with Weapons Pack by Maksim Bugrimov:


The package includes all require prefabs to integrate the weapon models in MFPS, all pre-setup just to import into your player prefab with the 1-click auto-integration, including FPWeapon, TPWeapon, PickUp Weapons, Import Weapon, Weapon Icons, Some extra sounds, etc…
Note that the package includes all prefabs needed but NOT include any content from the weapon package asset, so that means that you have to have the Animated Hands with Weapons Pack asset apart, the asset has 18 weapons but only 16 are compatible with the MFPS weapon system at the moment.



Again: This package does NOT include any content from the Animated Hands with Weapons Pack asset, you have to buy it apart from Maksim Bugrimov Asset Store Page:

1 review for Weapon Pack #1

  1. LynxBro (verified owner)

    This saved me soo much time adding in weapons from the pack. 5 mins and it was all working 100% fine. Consider me amazed at the work put into these add-ons

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