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This addon integrates a Shop System in the Main Menu of MFPS, allowing the player to spend their in-game coins in Weapons, Player skins, Emblems, or Weapons camos.
The player purchases are stored in an external database (using ULogin Pro) and loaded in any game session.

On the developer side, this is a way to monetize the game, selling virtual coins packs (for real money), giving an extra reason to players to come back to play and earn more coins in order to unlock a weapon or player skin, the integration is a 2-click process, and you can easily add items to the shop with the MFPS unlockability system by simply define of the price of the game item, you can create as many coins pack as you want.

The integration is made in the MainMenu scene with a clean and easy-to-modify UI.


  • Weapons, Player Skins, and Weapons Camos items.
  • Multi-coin support (XP Coin and Gold Coin).
  • Inventory of owned items.
  • In-game coins.
  • ULogin Pro Integration.
  • Store purchases in the user account.
  • Easy to add items.
  • MainMenu scene integration.
  • Class Customization Integration.
  • Player Selector Integration.
  • Customizer integration.


Note: The system doesn’t include any real Payment method integration, this is just the game-side integration, but the system allows to easily add any real payment API like Unity IAP, Paypal checkout, or others…
there are some payment processors addons available for automatic integration: Unity IAP for Shop, Paypal For Shop, and more coming soon…

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