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This extension integrates the Unity IAP service system with the MFPS Shop system to allow you to process real payments on multiple platforms like iOS and Android and the others most popular app stores, with this addon, you’ll be able to sell in-game virtual coins for real money in your game, in MFPS virtual coins are used to purchase weapons, player skins or weapons camos using the Shop Addon.

This package comes with all the game side scripts to communicate with the Unity IAP service; you only will need to set up the platform-specific environment with your developer account following the Unity Official documentation: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/UnityIAPSettingUp.html

Supported platforms include:

• iOS
• App Store
• Mac App Store
• Google Play
• Universal Windows Platform
• Amazon Appstore
• Samsung Galaxy Apps
• Tizen Store
• CloudMoolah Store

This package required the Shop System and ULogin Pro addon in order to work.

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