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With this addon, you can add as many player models as you want in order to give the option to your players to select which one they prefer,
through a menu (In-Lobby or In-Game optional to the developer), the player can select between the different players/operators with which they want to play.

On the developer side, adding a new player is as easy as adding a new player prefab in one list and selecting the team for which the player is for.


– In-Lobby integration: allow select the character in the lobby menu similar to Cod Warzone menu.
– In-Game integration: allow select the character after the player joins a match.
– Integrated with Shop System, allowing you to monetize your game selling player skins.
– You can add as many players as you want.
– Easy addition of new players.
– Per team player list.
– Includes 2 extra MFPS player skins.

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