Emblems And Calling Cards



**For MFPS 1.9 and Above**

This add-on integrates Emblems and Playercards also known as Calling Cards, which gives players more customization options in the game, also the system includes a customized and better Kill Cam UI that will replace the MFPS default one, as for the developer side, you can add as many emblems and calling cards as you want as easily as assigning the textures in a list in the inspector.

Players can select and personalize their nameplate by selecting their favorite emblems and calling cards in the Barracks window, these will be shown in the Kill Cam UI (both synced in multiplayer), you can set up each emblem and playercards unlockability, so they can be unlocked by default or required to be unlocked by progression (XP), or required to be purchased.

The addons work with and without ULogin Pro, using ULogin Pro the player emblem and calling card selection will be saved in the database and loaded in any session.

The integration like always is pretty much automated, you only have to open the scene and click a button to integrate.

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