Bomb Defuse



With this addons for MFPS kit, It is achieved by adding the base and functionality of the popular game mode “Bomb Defuse / Search And Destroy” this addons can enable this mode of play ready to customize and adjust to needs.

all the logic of the gameplay is in one script which completely customizable and scalable.

based on rounds (selection rounds in creating room) of 2 teams, each team manage to arrive to the position of the bomb of opposing team and activate it (7 seconds by default to activate) and then wait 15 seconds (optional) to detonate the bomb meanwhile this time the team must protect this for avoid that opposing team deactivate it, the team that achieves detonate or deactivate the bomb wins the round and start a new round to finish with rounds per game and return to the lobby.the addons account only with a new script, but for the initial integration is necessary to replace and add a few lines of code in scripts of MFPS Core, which requires an average knowledge (easy) for sure this include a readme .txt explain how do this.

It is compatible with all other addons.


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