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This addon allows you to add Tanks to your multiplayer shooter game.

The package includes an in-house made Tank Controller that works in multiplayer and a ready-to-use tank prefab that you have to drag and drop in your map scene; players can enter and exit the tanks, shoot projectiles, damage players or other vehicles with the shots, or by collision.

As usual, built-in editor documentation is included that guides you in the 2-steps integration process and a tutorial for adding custom tank models.

■ Complete Tank controller.
■ 2-Clicks integration.
■ Multiplayer integration.
■ Enter and Exit as Driver or Passenger (optional).
■ Exterior and Interior tank camera perspective.
■ Support tank movement with WheelColliders and RigidBody simulation.
■ Tank Health.
■ Tank respawn.
■ Track surface detection.
■ Tank collision damage.
■ Build-in documentation.

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