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*For MFPS 1.9.3 or later*

This addon integrates Aim Assist mechanics (magnetic aim assist or soft aim assist) into the game, designed to enhance the gaming experience primarily in mobile and console games; this simple yet effective aim assist system boosts the aiming accuracy of the players when shooting at a target which is usually required assistance for touch-control or gamepad control based games, this is a must-have extension if you are developing a mobile game and want to stand up to today’s mobile shooter games.

No integration is required, you import the addon package, and you are all set; as an option, you can run the auto-integration of the Aim Assist setting in the in-game settings menu to give the player the option to turn off the aim assist if they want to.

What is Aim Assist?

Aim assist is a feature in many shooter games that helps players aim their weapons more accurately. It does this by slightly boosting the targeting reticle, making it easier for players to aim at enemy targets. The aim assist feature is especially helpful for console and mobile players, who use a touch or game controller with less precision than a mouse and keyboard.

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