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Weapon Pack #2 comes with 13 ready-to-use weapons for MFPS 2.0; this package uses a free weapon model package by DJMaesen licensed under CC BY 4.0,
You can use these models, textures, and animations for commercial or non-commercial projects as long as you credit the author.

The add-on package includes all the required files meaning no extra package/asset is required; once you import the package into your MFPS project, you only need 2-clicks to integrate, 1 for setup the weapon data and 1 for integrating into your player prefabs, each weapon comes with each required prefab and setup: Gun Info, FPWeapon, TPWeapon, Weapon PickUp prefab, Icon, etc…

The weapons included are:

2 Rifles
2 Pistols
2 Sniper Rifles
2 Shotgun
1 Grenade Gun
1 Knife

This addon is not intended to sell the weapon models but rather the auto-integration into MFPS just like the Weapon Pack #1 and some extra files included,
the models used are created by DJMaesen and are free to use by anyone as long as the license is followed.

For MFPS Version 1.9 or later


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