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Kill Streak Notifier allows displaying an animation with sound in-game announcing each time the player eliminates an enemy, also keep a record of the killstreak of the player has or if a special elimination (like headshot) was made.

This comes with 8 kill streak icons and 8 examples sounds (including headshot) but you can add as many as you want.

One-click integration.
Show kill count or kill name.
Fully customizable animation.
Fully customizable Kills name, sound, time to show, etc…

4 reviews for Kill Streak Notifier

  1. steve gritchen (verified owner)

    it works really good and installs super fast!

  2. LynxBro (verified owner)

    This was so easy to implement and mess with i can’t express how great it is. This is a must have addon for this template 100%

  3. otto nuutinen (verified owner)

    very good easy to setup

  4. naimish (verified owner)

    holy sh** bro. only legends will understand

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