For developers who want to save time in creating the foundation for its new multiplayer project or seeks to learn about how to implement networks in their project MFP is a simple Multiplayer kit first person that contains all the basics made Network logic to start with any type of game in first person, as MMO, RPG, FPS, FPS Coop,Racing, etc …
It is simple to understand and modify, everything is completely customizable.



Photon PUN networking solution.
– Enter / Exit Car (Sync).
New Air Jet vehicle Sync.
– Passenger in car.
– Multiplayer Doors.
– Change Server Cloud Menu.
– Log Corner Window.
– Car controller synchronized.
– Mecanim Animation for TP View (Network player).
– Kick Player.
– Room Chat.
– Lobby Chat.
– Master Client authoritative room logic.
– Complete uGUI system.
– Photon Raise events.
– Unity Events.
– Professional UI desing.
– Sync scene Objects.

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