MFPS Update 1.9.3 Change Log

Version 1.9.3 of MFPS 2.0 is a patch for the major version 1.9 that includes bug fixes and improvements, this new package contains non-breaking scripts changes and just 2 core prefab changes, so if you have modified core scripts or made changes to the ladder or default bullet prefab you will have to do a manual update for these files, otherwise, you can import just the scripts from this new package, and all your scene, prefabs changes will be safe, but nevertheless make sure to make a backup of your project before updating.

Changes since version 1.9.2


  • -IMPROVED: Ladder System, easier to use and more robust.
  • -IMPROVED: Added option to easily reset saved input mappeds to fix the issue with new inputs not appearing in the binding list.
  • -IMPROVED: The MFPS Manager window ‘Weapon’ tab, now is easier to modify the weapons properties with it.
  • -IMPROVED: Enhanced the ladder third-person climbing animation.
  • -IMPROVED: Add new MFPS custom mods editor window (MFPS > Store > Custom Mods), show available MFPS mods not available as addons.
  • -IMPROVED: Now you can set to hide the weapons when the player is climbing a ladder.
  • -IMPROVED: Add editor action in MFPS > Actions > Delete Player Prefs, to reset all the PlayerPrefs to they default values.
  • -IMPROVED: Player movement on uneven surfaces and slopes.
  • -IMPROVED: Added a forward direction gizmo for the AI Weapons to make it easier to orient the weapons in the bot character’s hands.
  • -IMPROVED: Better grenade throw direction calculation, now is possible to define the throw upward force from the inspector too.
  • -IMPROVED: Support for the input binding list with the Localization addon.
  • -IMPROVED: Add a new Game Modes tab in the MFPS Manager window, to easily edit the game modes parameters in the editor.
  • -IMPROVED: Now the player damage screen opacity is calculated by the damage amount received instead of a fixed value.


  • -FIX: Alive bots stay still in new rounds and do not respawn in the team area.
  • -FIX: Bullet doesn’t detect custom damageable colliders unless they have the tag ‘Metal’.
  • -FIX: FPWeapon keeps rotating when the game is paused and the cursor is not focus on the game window.
  • -FIX: Player admin or moderator tag only shows if the player is in a clan.
  • -FIX: Push To Talk option was not working on mobile devices.
  • -FIX: Regression the FPWeapon fire sound volume, now changing the volume in the attached AudioSource will also affect the fire sound.
  • -FIX: Issue introduced in version 1.9.2 that cause the player keep moving when a match finish.
  • -FIX: Players can climb ladders infinitely if the ladders triggers aren’t properly set up.
  • -FIX: Changes in the player class loadout made through the MFPS Manager Window get reset after a script compilation or editor restart.
  • -FIX: Legs IK issue that happens when preview the player IK in the editor and not properly close the Animation runner window.
  • -FIX: bl_Input.GetButtonDown() did always return false if was called multiple times in the same frame.
  • -FIX: The first friend added or when there’s only 1 friend added it doesn’t show up in the friend list.
  • -FIX: Games screen goes black when change the resolution or open the game settings on WebGL (Screen Mode setting is not supported on WebGL).
  • -FIX: Changing the GunID of a Knife in the inspector of bl_Gun.cs changes the weapon type in the GameData causing errors in runtime.
  • -FIX: Applying the changes in the in-game settings menu causes the screen to stretch out horizontally on mobile devices.
  • -FIX: The grenades were being thrown with a left offset to where the player was aiming.
  • -FIX: Changing the weapon fire rate in runtime causes to play the wrong third-person weapon fire animation.
  • -FIX: Changing the weapon fire rate in runtime causes to change the default Weapon Type of that weapon in GameData.
  • -FIX: Bots do not detect players after a respawn in some instances.
  • -FIX: Weapons always start with the default fire rate type, independent of the weapon fire rate rules set in the inspector.
  • -FIX: Local player sometimes doesn’t jump after pressing the jump key when the game fps is low.
  • -FIX: Round keep restarting when the first round is finished and countdown on start is active on round based game modes.
  • -FIX: Teammate name-plates appear in the sky position when the local player spawn far from them.
  • -FIX: Errors after enable Photon Voice 2 version 2.25 or up.
  • -FIX: Kill a teammate when friendly fire is activate increase the player score.
  • -FIX: Shotguns using Animator component gets stuck when trying to fire while is reloading.


If you have made script changes in your version 1.9 or 1.9.x project you can merge the script changes using a diff checker tool, check the MFPS documentation in the editor for more information about this (MFPS > Tutorials > Documentation > Update MFPS).

You can check the previous versions changelog here:

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