Version 1.9.1 of MFPS 2.0 is a patch for the major version 1.9 that includes bug fixes and improvements, this new package contains only scripts changes so unless you have modified core scripts you can import just the scripts from this new package, and all your scene, prefabs changes will be safe, but nevertheless make sure to make a backup of your project before updating.

Changes since version 1.9


-IMPROVED: Added acceleration to the weapon procedural run animation for a smoother transition.
-IMPROVED: Added fire delay on the first weapon shot when the player is running to avoid shooting while the weapon is not aiming forward.
-IMPROVED: Kill Cam – Observe Death mode position calculation.
-IMPROVED: Now screen resolution setting is saved and automatically applied to new sessions.
-IMPROVED: Now you can change the crouch height in the bl_FirstPersonController inspector.


-FIX: Join buttons appear even when Auto Team Selection is enabled.
-FIX: FP Weapons that use custom walk and run animations sometimes appear with the wrong aim position.
-FIX: In-game Drops did not spawn the item after finishing the delivery.
-FIX: Error that sometimes happens when a remote player switches to the bare hand’s animation.
-FIX: Issue that causes the player not able to close the menu when using the ‘Direct To Map’ room join method and cancel enter spectator mode.
-FIX: Resolution change was not working in the Lobby settings menu.
-FIX: Error when ‘Direct To Map’ room join method is used and a bot gets killed.
-FIX: Can’t leave spectator mode with the UI button using a mouse.
-FIX: Quickfire (G) for grenades and Molotov was not working.
-FIX: Adding not allowed maps cause an error when creating a room with addons game modes.
-FIX: Can’t use stealth mode walking sideways or backward.
-FIX: Health regeneration synchronization problem that caused players to get invisible sometimes after eliminating them.
-FIX: The player remains on the scoreboard after he leaves the game if the scoreboard is not open.
-FIX: Orbit Target kill camera mode was not working.
-FIX: Bots randomly bend down when running towards a target.
-FIX: Coins and Clan score is not saved on per round based matches.

If you have made scripts changes in your version 1.9 project you can merge the script changes using a diff checker tool, check the MFPS documentation in the editor for more information about this (MFPS > Tutorials > Documentation > Update MFPS).

You can check the previous versions changelog here:

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