MFPS Update 1.9.2 Change Log

Version 1.9.2 of MFPS 2.0 is a patch for the major version 1.9 that includes bug fixes and improvements, this new package contains only scripts changes and just 1 UI change in the room UI canvas, so if you have modified core scripts or made changes to the room UI you will have to do a manual update, otherwise, you can import just the scripts from this new package, and all your scene, prefabs changes will be safe, but nevertheless make sure to make a backup of your project before updating.

Changes since version 1.9.1


  • -ADD: Option in GameData to determine how the bot eliminations affect the real player stats to avoid using bots to level up accounts.
  • -ADD: Basic Anti-Cheat Toolkit (ACTk) Unity plugin integration to prevent players to be able to modify the player health, ammo, and kit count with cheat engines.


  • -IMPROVED: Smoother camera motion when moving the character and rotating the camera at the same time.
  • -IMPROVED: Grenade fire sequence using Animator.
  • -IMPROVED: Now is possible to preview different AI idle animations in the editor from the inspector of bl_AIAnimation.cs
  • -IMPROVED: Added aim multiplier value in bl_WeaponSway inspector in order to more easily adjust the weapon delay effect when the player is aiming.
  • -IMPROVED: Added aim rotation multiplier value in bl_WeaponBobSettings inspector in order to more easily adjust the weapon bob rotation when aiming.
  • -IMPROVED: Match player scoreboard popup menu.


  • -FIX: The Crosshair Scale value was not affecting the crosshair size at all.
  • -FIX: Can’t modify the player left arm after using the Add Player tutorial.
  • -FIX: Console error when opening the settings menu in offline mode.
  • -FIX: FPWeapon fire sound immediately stop after switching weapons.
  • -FIX: Match player scoreboard pop-up menu was not working.
  • -FIX: The room list in the lobby doesn’t update after changing server region causing showing rooms from another region.
  • -FIX: Removed player camera jerky/stutter render effect when moving and rotating the player.
  • -FIX: Kill Camera Orbit Mode doesn’t focus on the killer player.


  • Anti-Cheat and Reports: Advance integrations of the Anti-Cheat Toolkit asset and a custom user report system,
    with the advanced integration of the Anti-Cheat Toolkit players using Speedhack, Code Injection, Memory Injection, and or Wallhack will be automatically banned,
    and with the custom user report system, players will be able to manually report hackers/cheaters from the game scoreboard menu.

If you have made script changes in your version 1.9 or 1.9.1 project you can merge the script changes using a diff checker tool, check the MFPS documentation in the editor for more information about this (MFPS > Tutorials > Documentation > Update MFPS).

You can check the previous versions changelog here:

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