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It is a completeMultiplayer FPS kit with everything needed to start a multiplayer game, working with Photon Cloud, has many features to get you started with a very advanced and stylish base.

– Player Class, 4 kinds of players Class with different characteristics (Assault, Enginner, Support, Recon)
– AFK Detection. (If a player is inactive for a desert time, this will automatically return to the lobby.
– Team selection and Auto-Team selection
– Games for rounds or only one round.
– Three game modes: Team Death Match, Free For All, Capture of Flag.
– Advanced weapon system ( Bullet penetration, Bullet Physical or Raycast Spread, Impact strength, range,Damage).
– Damage Indicator.
– Shot types (Auto, Burst and Semi-Automatic).
– Weapons Class: Rifle,ShotGun,Pistol,Sniper and Launcher (WIP)
– Real GunBob Movement.
– Real HeatBob Movement.
– TilWeapon Movement.
– Player Model Animation in Network.
– Upper Body Player Animation Like: Fire,Reload,Aim.
– Weapon Fire and Bullet Sync.
– Network Gun Sync.
– Fall Damage.
– Local Kill Notification.
– KillFeed Corner (WhoKilledWho)
– Draw the Dynamic Name Above Head.
– Network Footstep.
– Different Player for each Team.
– Multiplayer Chat.
– ScoreBoard (Kills,Deaths,Score,Ms Server(Ping)) for each player.
– Options menu (in Lobby and Rooms).
– Room Time Sync.
– Smooth weapon Movements when is running.
– Internal system events Sync.
– Advance Kit “Call and Pick Up”.
– Kill Camera.
– MedKit
– AmmoKit
– Menu / Lobby.
– Search and create new rooms.
– Custom GUISkin with 3 different options GUI.
– Select Photon Server to Connect Options
– Custom modern Shaders.
– JetPack Jump player
– advanced Kit system, based on internal events and sync via RPC.
– released kits as “Medkit” or “AmmoKit”
– Unity 4.6 UI integration (WIP)
– New Grenade type of weapon.
– Blood splatter
– uGUI Crosshair
– Advanced synchronization system.
– Extrapolate and Interpolate Methods synchronization.
– Effect of Mesh to Spawn.
– Different Sleves and Gloves for each team.
– Photon Team and Photon Score integration.
– Spectator mode.
– UGUI Lobby.

More in progress…

MFPS kit is avaible for purchase here: [su_button url=”https://www.lovattostudio.com/en/tienda/template/mfps-multiplayer-first-person-shotter/?f=15&t=229″ target=”blank” style=”ghost” radius=”0″]Purchase[/su_button]

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