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*For MFPS 1.9.3 or later*

Upgrade your game’s name plate UI with the Name Plate Pro addon, a better choice over the default MFPS name plate system. This addon uses the UGUI system instead of the legacy OnGUI system to create the name plate UI, making it easy for you to change the look of the name plate UI in your game, which is key if you want your game to stand out.

The package includes five different example name plate designs to get you started, but you can make any custom design you want easily in the UI canvas. Plus, this system lets you show some cool damage effects in the name plate health bar to add more fun visuals to your game.

With the Name Plate Pro addon, changing your game’s name plate UI is simple, and it’s a great way to make your game more unique and enjoyable for players.

The integration is one-click proccess.


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