Q: How can I find my purchase invoice number?

Check this guide: https://www.lovattostudio.com/en/how-to-find-your-serial-invoice-number/

Q: Can I get a refund for my purchased asset?

We only offer no question-asked refunds when the asset has not been downloaded, we can verify that with your invoice number.

If the asset has been already downloaded we only offer refunds for the cases covered by the Unity Asset Store EULA.

Q: My MFPS add-on from the asset store doesn't work!

 We don't have any MFPS on the Asset Store, the packages on the AS like UGUI MiniMap and UCompass Bar are generic packages that require to be manually integrated, the MFPS add-ons can only be acquired in the lovattostudio.com shop.

If you have purchased these assets believing that were the MFPS add-ons, don't worry, you still can get the addon package of each one of them on this page: https://www.lovattostudio.com/page/asset-to-addon/