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Localization allows providing support for multiple languages for your game, this addon comes with seven languages already setup for MFPS, but you can add as many languages as needed without touching a single line of code; the system uses Scriptableobject to store the language’s texts, making it lightweight even for mobile devices, players can change the language in runtime without being required to restart the game.

The MFPS core game is already set up and localized in these seven languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese, so you only have to import the package -> integrate it with the autointegration system, and you are ready to go.

Localize new texts couldn’t be easier, it’s as simple as adding a script (in the case of a static text) and setting an identifier, or in the case of dynamic text, you can get the localized text for the current language with a single line of code where you pass the original text identifier.

The packages come with a custom editor window where you can easily edit and compare the translation of each language line per line or in batches.

NOTE: the default languages have been translated automatically, so the translation may not be accurate for native speakers of some languages (French, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese).

3 reviews for Localization

  1. steve gritchen (verified owner)

    perfect and simple. it goes right in and adding/ removing languages is super easy. it will expand your user base greatly!

  2. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Perfect thanks nice <3

  3. Allayarov Marat (verified owner)

    some functions don’t work because of the translator, but it’s worth it

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