Some people have been asking me how to integrate my Loading Screen asset in MFPS, even though the procedure is the same as in any other project, I am going to publish the simple steps here:

1 – Import the Loading Screen package from the Asset Store into your MFPS Unity Project.

2 – Add and Setup all your game scenes in SceneLoaderManager (Check the Loading Screen documentation for more info)

3 – In the MainMenu scene Select and Drag one of the SceneLoaders prefabs into the Canvas object:


  • Now depending on the MFPS version you are using follow the respective indication below

For MFPS 1.9.x or newer versions, you simply need to uncomment one line:

Open the script bl_SimpleSceneLoader.cs and uncomment the first line of the script (remove the //)

It should look like this:

Save the script change and you are all set.

For MFPS 1.8.x or older versions, replace or comment the following line located in the script bl_Lobby.cs -> IEnumerator MoveToGameScene():


Replace that line with this one:



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