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6 Tips for beginner devs

1) Don't go in alone
Get some friends that you trust even if they don't know how to do the work they can learn.
but be careful these projects can be stressful and can break a friendship.

2) Have a clear GDD
Your project will go nowhere if you have no clear goals, a Game Design Doc will be your best friend. but you need to do it right.
follow these basic steps(no particular order)
a) know that games goal and target audience
b) Write out in details ALL of the content needed
c) Set your self checkpoints for dev saying what needs to be done at certain
d) put in detail your setting even have reference art form other games/media as
e) what predone assets will you use as placeholders
f) will the game be free or pay to play? how do you plan to market
g) where will you distribute
h) what is the story(basic)
i) what is your budget (estimate)
j) what's your backup if your run out of budget
k) what software will you use(engine, modeler tools)
l) how many staff members you have and their jobs.

3) Store Asset and Kit are your friends don't be scare to use them
This being said do abuse them either you need to have members working on models, levels, AI, Sound, and all other assets for them game. if you don't have original content in the game then is it really a game no its a mod. i love the unity asset store and its content but its also the worst part about unity they have starter kit for games and to many devs just use those alone to make their “Game” and it makes the rest of the unity games look bad same goes for Unreal.
kits and store assets should be used to place hold alone not as a final part of the game.

4) This game is now your job treat it as such
The project should be treated as a professional piece of work. there is no Fun game dev.
you can have tons of fun developing a game but you should not go into it for fun.
it’s stressful and can cause emotional pain but its worth it to finally have something you make out there.

5) Don’t expect to make the next Minecraft
in all likelihood your game will not be the next multimillion dollar game. when making any form of art or media always prepare for the worst hope for the best.
plan to make no money on your game and that way each sale after release will seem like a blessing not a statistic.

what's the worst thing to happen to gaming…
if you answered E.T.2600 you would be wrong the worst thing to happen to gaming are developers doing rehashes and cash grabs. there are millions of grey and brown shooter, millions of flappy birds, millions of mario clones.
if you're not the first one to do it your game will be buried under thousands of games. you can make games that are similar but really make it stand out.
if it wasn't for its art style and comedy Borderlands would have failed because people would have thought it was a fallout knock off the devs knew this and decided to alter the game.
Everyone knows Borderlands but have you played Rage?
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Wow this is Great!

I really liked your 4th point.

I will Sticky this! ;)
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