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PlayerSelector addon
Readme file says: A player prefab located in a "Resources" folder as the default ones of MFPS
Where is Resources file? Is it in addon itself
It also says: Canvas [PlayerSelectore] -> Selector -> bl_PlayerSelector
Where is this file, I can't find it in hierarchy, there is a file with the same name in addon files itself, but I can't find 3 list

I am facing a problem when imitating the tutorial in the readme file correctly .. I think

I select the player in the operators from the lobby, and start the game, upon selecting a team, which is the team the player is in

This is coming out :

1- PhotonNetwork.Instantiate() can only instantiate objects with a PhotonView component. This prefab does not have one: soldier
2- NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
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After a certain number of post about MFPS and or the addons, I need to confirm your purchase to keep offering assistance for it,
please send me a PM with your MFPS purchase invoice number and one of the addons order number.

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