Survive & Extract Add-On for MFPS 2.0

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I thought I'd share some videos of the in-progress add-on i've been working on for the past few months. It's a new game mode modeled after Escape from Tarkov.

It has most of the elements you'd expect from that type of game. Bots become lootable upon death(working on making players lootable too) and you can transfer their loot in to your inventory. You can equip and switch between weapons in your inventory and it has a stamina system.
If you successfully extract and have loot in your player inventory, you can transfer it to your permanent storage and it's persisted.
Any items that are in your inventory or action bar will be taken in to the next 'mission' with you. If you die, you will lose it, but if you survive and manage to extract, then you'll get to keep anything you extracted with.

Also, if you find workshop schematics in a mission, you can right click it and learn it. Then if you extract, you'll be able to go to your workshop and, if you have the necessary components, you can craft that item. Certain items and weapons can only be crafted and can't be purchased. Of course, if someone kills you, they can take your crafted items too.

Here's some basic gameplay footage.

Successful Mission with some inventory management:

Unsuccessful Mission plus mobility rifle :

You'll see it's still a little glitchy, especially the inventory UI which i've only just begun the work of properly optimizing.

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