How to Make Moblie-Friendly?

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I think it is greate to push mfps to mobile.But i found it is expensive for cpu in mobile .Once i am play my game in android ,i got only 21fps.without any directionLight.
What Should i do for optimizing my cpu performance ? :lol:
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Here are few things to make it as a mobile-friendly:

  • - Reduce Draw call
    - Optimize Mesh
    - Reduce Texture Size
    - Disable Post Processing Effect (especially ambient occlusion)
    - Use Occlusion Culling
    - Change Shader (I recommend you to use Mobile/Unlit shader for the environments)
  • - Optimizing network codes
    - Pooling (Currently mfps only has a basic pooling, you'll have to change it to avoid the stuttering)
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