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Fri May 15, 2020 8:32 pm

Hello everyone

I'm quite new on Unity, but thanks to MFPS I'm managing to have satisfactions.

A big thank you to the Lovatto team.

In my opinion, there are some Addons that would make MFPS really cool:

- Zombie mode (Call of Duty Black Ops style)

- Complex movements (example: lying on the ground (In Call of Duty with the "Ctrl" key), leaning to the right or left (with the "Q" and "E" keys) as in Rainbow Six Siege (

- Quality Pack - More realistic sounds of walking, shooting etc .. 3D Model and Texture Player

- Kill Cam - Kill Cam Call of Duty style

In addition, it would be cool if it were possible to request customizations at an affordable price.

Thanks again
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