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Wed Mar 04, 2020 4:33 pm

These are not in any particular order. Just more addons / feature improvements I thought would make the product really good and allow you to charge more money. Willing to collab on some of them as I run a school to teach DevOps and my students needs good work to contribute to. We could do some collaboration around auto provisioning of servers and getting away from php and going to python multi threaded server etc.

Review and let me know your thoughts please:

Feature 1:
Battle Royal Game Mode

Feature 2:
Social Login Integration Mode to Integrate to use Facebook login and signup

Feature 3:
Multi-threaded API Server
Note: I can write this in maybe a few hours so if you want we can collaborate. I run a school to teach people to do DevOps and place them as staffing agency. I have man power plus a multi-threaded flask api is cake to write. Instead of using php. This will let me build Dockerfiles and automation scripts to deploy your server for others to use with logging and proper operations all pre-packaged.

Feature 4:
Integrate Ranking as an option on the Main Menu Scene

Feature 5:
Easy Integration for Customizer with Weapons pack.

Feature 6:
Gaia, CTS, and Enviro Automation Integration to auto generate new levels each map.
I build AAA maps in about 15 min with GAIA, CTS, and Enviro with fully simulate weather and terrains etc.
Leverage this so the map gets generated at run time so the game mode is called unknown where its a random map that gets generated with loading lobby mini game. <--- This is easily worth 500 +

Feature 7:
Working tank controls, aircraft controls, helicopter controls, and example prefabs for integrating spawning vehicles.

Feature 8:
Fully automated spawning system for items or AI NPC's
Just like you can use spawn points that exist now for players have spawn point objects that allow you to specify game object to spawn in that spot or area on a interval with the interval being configurable.

That way if someone wanted to add another layer and add AI Monsters that roam map and attack players that are just part of the map they could like each map is a world you go into.

Feature 9:
Persistent Match Mode, where on exit it gives you summary and saves your points.

Willing to collab on some of this stuff as my students always need new stuff to do automation wise. Doesn't matter what kind of automation it is.

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