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Hey Lovatto maybe you can add small addon "waitingroom"

Room Master:
- Room master can change GameMode / GameStats
- Room master can start game if no bots selected, just if one player turn a "Ready" Button on

All in Waiting Room:
- all can switch team in waiting room
- all can chat just all in waiting room can see msg.
- if game not started players can just turn the "ready" button on and still wait for the roommaster
if room master start then all players autologged into game

i think if u do it a good price for this cool addon will be 20-30$
if u can do it as special addon i hope u msg me a price range

ps... Lovatto i need u as my GameProgrammer and i will pay good for each addon:)
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Really important plugin to have , i thought it was part of the asset at first
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Yes a lobby system sounds amazing, I’d pay $30 for that as an add on. Go for it, Lovatto.

Edit: Good news - I see that a Lobby / Waiting Room system is already in the works.
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