Gun Race

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Gun Race also known as Gun Game, Gunplay, or All The Guns, is another game mode option for your MFPS game,
this mode is one of the most common modes in multiplayer shooter games like cod.

The addon comes with auto-integration so you only need 2-clicks to integrate into your game, it’s easy to use and customize you only need to set up weapon order in the inspector window.


How to play?

The game consists of players competing in a free-for-all-style game. As players get more kills, the player will receive different weapons,
the player wins the game by being the first to eliminate at least one person with all the pre-defined weapons, player are auto respawning after getting killed.

You as the developer simply have to set up the weapon order (first weapon to the last weapon to get), all players will have to go through the same weapon order.

1 review for Gun Race

  1. steve gritchen (verified owner)

    works great, installs in seconds

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